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1 Jun – 31 Aug 17

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotional campaign has been arranged by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or “KTC” to grant privileges to all types of KTC cardmembers (“Member”) who have KTC FOREVER REWARDS points and registered (with confirmation) for this cashback privilege through, and have made online purchases using their KTC credit card from June 1st to August 31st, 2017 per the stipulated conditions.
  2. This promotion is not open to those who have any type of KTC CASH BACK credit card, KTC - THAI RED CROSS credit card, KTC VISA CORPORATE GOLD credit card, KTC VISA SME COMMERCIAL GOLD credit card, KTC GOVERNMENT SERVICES card and all types of KTC REVOLVING LOAN.
  3. Members of KTC - ROYAL ORCHID PLUS credit card may only use their KTC FOREVER REWARDS points that were received before November 1st, 2013 for this promotional campaign.
  4. All purchases made under cash advance transactions, interest, penalties and various charges, including refunds from the cancellation of the purchase of goods and services, and any other type of refund, including tax refunds, will not be considered as eligible transactions for this promotional campaign.
  5. Members will be received credited cashback in this promotional campaign by converting their KTC FOREVER REWARDS points in an amount equivalent to the total amount spent online per transaction. Members must confirm their participation in the program at, specifying their 16 digit credit card number, email, and amount spent online/transaction that they wish to redeem for cashback credit to their account. The amount is to be specified in whole figures, without decimals (in the case where the amount has decimals, round down to the nearest whole number) and specify name of website/ mobile application for online spending. In case of KTC FLEXI Online Transaction, members must specify full amount of KTC FLEXI online transaction to redeem this privilege. The redemption rate is equal to 10% of the total amount spent on goods or services per specified transaction with every website worldwide, additionally, the redemption rate is equal to 15% of the total amount spent on goods or services per specified transaction from participating partner websites; members may verify their eligibility based on their KTC FOREVER REWARDS points balance and the date they made the online transaction.
  6. As for any products/services purchased online via and air tickets booking via, member may choose to redeem KTC FOREVER REWARDS points equal to online transaction amount to immediately get Discount 15% on the website without registering at In this regard, such redemption made shall not be eligible to receive cash back again, except for KTC FLEXI online transaction which in order not to redeem points for immediate discount, members must register for credited cashback in this promotion campaign via throughout the processes as provided in 5.
  7. KTC will convert points to credited cashback to KTC credit card account, in accordance with the conditions of this promotional campaign, each calendar month from the day that the member registers for this credited cashback promotion; KTC will transfer the cashback credit to the member’s account after 30 days from the last day of each calendar month.
  8. Members must have a sufficient balance of KTC FOREVER REWARDS points on the date that KTC calculates and converts the points to credited cashback to the member’s account; members must have a point balance that is greater than or equal to that which is needed for the redemption of cashback. If the member has an insufficient point balance to cover their total amount spent, this is considered a forfeiture of the member’s cashback privilege under this promotion.
  9. KTC reserves the right to only apply and convert the balance of the points to the credited cashback in this promotion for purchases of goods and/or services made online for personal consumption purposes; as such, this program does not include transactions of a commercial nature, for profit, or conducted dishonestly or fraudulently. KTC reserves the right to cancel, revoke or reclaim the cashback, wholly or partially, including the claim of compensation for damages (if any), depending on each specific case.
  10. Credited cashback in this promotional campaign may not transferred to others, nor can it be exchanged for cash.
  11. KTC reserves the right to offer cashback under this program to members who maintain their membership status and who are without a record of default or outstanding payment throughout the program until the day on which the cashback is credited to the account of the member.
  12. In the case of a dispute, the decision of KTC is deemed final. KTC reserves the right to alter details and conditions or to cancel any benefit of the promotion without prior notice.
  13. For additional details, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 press 6.

Sample Conversion of Points into Cashback

For additional details, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 press 6





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