KTC personal loan, Freedom to choose your payment date, Easy to apply.


‣ Have a steady source of income; for example, from working as a corporate employee, a civil servant, or a state enterprise employee, and etc.
‣ Hold Thai nationality with at least 20 years of age
‣ Have a minimum of 50,000 baht monthly salary
‣ Work at least 4 months for the current employer
‣ Have valid home or office phone numbers.

Required Documents

For corporate employees/ civil servants/ state enterprise employees
‣ Copy of Identification Card
‣ Copies of Civil Servant Card or State Enterprise Employee Card, and House Registration
‣ (Master copy of) Proof of Income Letter / latest salary statement
‣ Copy of latest 3 month balance statements of your salary deposited account, from your banks/financial institutes
‣ Copy of the title page of the account book with the information of the (only borrower’s) bank name, and the account number

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