KTC Online

Experience the ease of having KTC online service
available everywhere which makes life more convenient than ever
KTC Mobile application

Check your spending anytime anywhere
Install payment with ease
Redeem your reward points easily
Pay for products & services easier than ever

Download KTC Mobile Application

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Complete your needs with array of online services
KTC Mobile application

  • E-Coupon

    Convenient and easy to get
    privileges with E-Coupon

  • QR Pay

    Scan Pay and Go
    Make your payment easily via QR Code

  • Self-Control

    Manage and set your own notification alert.
    Everything is in control.

Easy and Secure Login

6-digit PIN : Secure & safe with Dynamic Keypad
or you can authenticate yourself through Biometric login
  • Fingerprint scan
  • Samsung Pass : Fingerprint or Iris scan
    (for those who use Samsung Galaxy mobile phone)

Remark : Logging into KTC Mobile by Samsung Pass is being tested
in the Bank of Thailand’s Regulatory Sandbox.

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Know your own account

My Account

Know everything about your KTC card account.
You can manage it all just in one place.

// View KTC card account information

// Check your KTC card spending instantly

// Check your reward points


Get more privileges easily

E-Coupon redemption steps
1. Log in KTC Mobile
2. Select the card to redeem
3. Select ‘Points’ menu >> Point redemption menu
4. Select e-Coupon menu and choose privilege to redeem
5. Make your redemption
6. Show the e-coupon to the shop to get privilege

Participating partners


QR Pay

Scan Pay and Go
Make your payment easily via QR Code

5 easy steps
1. Select ‘QR Pay’ menu
2. Scan QR Code
3. Choose the card to pay
4. Check the merchant name again before putting the payment amount
5. Confirm the payment transaction

Participating merchants accept QR Pay click

Remark: The QR Pay through KTC Mobile application is being tested in the Bank of Thailand’s Regulatory Sandbox

Manage your own KTC card acccount


Push Notifications

  • Set your own alert on every spending
  • Notify of your payment due date.

Reward Points

Reward points can be transferred or redeemed products & services by yourself easily, anywhere, anytime.

KTC FLEXI Installment Plan

Manage your monthly payment easily 
with KTC FLEXI install payment through KTC card by setting your own instantly via online service


Cash Withdrawal

Cash withdrawal online anywhere anytime through KTC credit card or KTC PROUD card. Cash will be secured transfer to your Krung Thai Bank account.


Spending Limit

Set your own spending limit for online purchase or QR Pay transactions.

You are secured & protected when using KTC online service

The online service is of an international security standard; OTP system. Ensuring that all online transactions are convenient and secure with OTP code that will be sent directly into your mobile phone. Plus an additional notification via email whenever our account is accessed.

Check and update your mobile phone
at KTC PHONE 02 123 5000, 24 hours daily.

Learn more about OTP (One Time Password), click here
Remarks: For some websites, you will receive an SMS confirming your online spending with KTC credit card for up to 100 Baht.

KTC Mobile Application

Be convenient with the KTC Mobile application, you can access your online service anytime, anywhere via mobile device. Simply tap "KTC Mobile"

Download the KTC Mobile application at

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KTC Online

Another easy accessible option on the website, which can be accessed from any smart devices.

KTC Online