New You in New Zealand; Study English in New Zealand to discover yourself. One person can do.​

New Zealand was ranked by The Economist, Intelligence Unit (Worldwide Educating for the Future Index) as Number 1 in preparation of students for the future. Reasons being its flexible curriculum to suit industry sectors and present situation of constantly changing, quality of teachers, government policy, cooperation between government and private sectors, ability to advise for career from early stage in school, including diversity of different but blending cultures. The advantage of studying in New Zealand is the teaching that gives importance to training and on the job practicing so the students become naturally skillful in English. The Critical Thinking supports them to analyse choices for solution. In addition,they will learn presentation skills.

As we limit number of students in each class, teaching approach is adaptable to individual student. Teachers and students in New Zealand are not racist. They are friendly with Thai students and become friends easily. New Zealand also offers sight attractions in town and out of town that students can enjoy their leisure traveling to the North and the South, resulting in quick language learning inside and outside the classroom.

The English training program called Pathway is suitable for Thai students who have not passed satisfactory IELTS test to enter a university in New Zealand. With the English Pathway course, the students can take English language test with the institute they study and apply for the institute in New Zealand in which they wish to study and also practice skill of speaking, listening, reading, and writing so they become naturally confident to use English in their communications.

All the universities of New Zealand are ranked in top three levels of the world. You can be confident that the students get quality education and up-level English. We recommend to have then spend 4 months so you can see significant difference.

Privilege for KTC card members to learn language with technology institute and top 3 universities of the world and to directly enter universities of New Zealand without taking IELTS test.

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15 May 19 – 30 Apr 20

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Apply for English course with the following country education recommendation representatives ;

Education recommendation representatives Contact & Website
A&T.png A&T New Zealand Centre (Chiang Mai) 0837633801
Better-Grade.png Better Grade Education Centre 020618854 , 0958518978
CCSC.png CCSC Education (Country City Study Centre)​ 026320643, 0899208155
Gent.png GENT Edutainment 024894798 , 0626565996
H&M.png Hearts & Minds International Education 020550915 , 0968848605
Learning-Curve.png Learning Curve 029438380, 0898928528
NZ-Study.png NZ Study (Thailand) 023060832, 0818204627
OEC.png OEC Bangkok 027206844-6, 0858093322
OEC.png OEC Chiang Mai 053285157-8, 0840433100
Scholar-Guide.png Scholar Guide 027269966-8, 0818541250
Smart-NZ Smart NZ Education Centre 027105515, 0816652233
SCB.png Supreme Business Center
(SBC Abroad)
026103801-3, 0892021959
SCB.png Supreme Business Center
(SBC Abroad)
026103801-3, 0892021959
SCB.png WEC EDUCATION 02 136 6460


Kiwi Centre (Thailand) 021687215, 0863686300
WEC.png Click Education Consultant 0926419479, 029517483
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