Foreign Currency Conversion Risk

Calculating of the exchange rates of the foreign currencies
In the event of the transaction occurs in foreign currency, the cardholder acknowledges and agrees that KTC shall calculate the risk of the exchange rate for the rate not over 2.0% of the preliminary exchange reference rates of credit card company which KTC is a member for avoidance of the risk of the said exchange rate. If the foreign currency transaction is not US dollar, such transaction shall be converted into US dollar before converting into Thai Baht for any billing to KTC.

The cardholder can preliminary check the exchange rate for reference as the following websites:
- In case of VISA card :
- In case of MASTERCARD card :
- In case of JCB card :

In addition, the Cardholders acknowledges and agrees that KTC is entitled to collecting the premium from the Cardholders/ Borrower at the rate not exceeding 2.0% of such spending and/or cash advance amount in order to protect the exchange rate risk.

Calculation Formula and Example Download
VISA card 432 KB
JCB card 975 KB