Payless when spend overseas or shop online in foreign currency with KTC credit card

Payless! with the hedging premium rate not exceeding 2% of currency conversion (From normal rate 2.5%)

Get up to 1.5% Cash Back

  • 1% cash back for any spending below 1.5 million Baht
  • 1.5% cash back when spend up to 1.5 million Baht

No limit on cash back amount

Special privileges for KTC credit cardmembers in overseas  click

  • By registering this campaign;
    1. KTC reserves the right to provide KTC FOREVER or KTC ROP points for all transactions using foreign currencies that have been calculated credit cash back, in which points will be deducted when cash back is credited to the cardmember’s account.
    2. KTC reserves the right to exclude foreign currencies transactions in calculating the X2 reward points program of year 2019 card benefit.
  • This privilege is only for the registered card number, if you would like to use your other KTC credit cards to get this privilege, the registration is required.


Register to get privilege

1 Feb 19 - 31 May 19