Corporate Social Responsibility

Policy Overview

Out of the conviction that it needs to thrive in a good society, KTC firmly upholds corporate social responsibility in pursuing its business growth. Its focus is on the best interest of all stakeholders from KTC members, to business partners, to employees, to shareholders, to the society and also to the environment.


As a Membership Company with the truly member-oriented management, the Company has carried out its business by integrating responsibility toward all its stakeholders into its work process. With focus on innovations, KTC has successfully delivered unique products and services, together with related offers and privileges that cover all types of lifestyles to “stakeholders” who have enjoyed such great things just like they are KTC “members”. To its credit card and personal loan customers, the Company has always encouraged them to plan their expenses reasonably in order to avoid excessive debt.

Internal Management:

KTC believes that to be able to deliver excellent services and products to the public, it must first foster constructive creativity, good cooperation and social responsibility among its employees. Serious efforts have thus been made on a continued basis toward that goal. Moreover, KTC has striven to encourage and support its employees in potential development, as well as creating the corporate culture that is based on five core values: 1) Professional; 2) Coordinate; 3) Ownership; 4) Differentiate and 5) Dynamic. KTC has focused on providing work environment, with proper and modern facilities under the theme of “smart offices” so as to inspire innovative ideas. In addition, activities have been held to promote friendship and unity among KTC employees, all of whom are encouraged to pursue a work-life balance. Indeed, KTC is the Best Place to Work and also a Creative Organization.

While being a financial institution offering credit card and personal loan services as a cogwheel for the country’s economic growth, KTC is committed to social development. It starts from very relevant issues such as building learning organizations by encouraging learning environment within its organization and also in the society. Besides, it provides support for the empowerment and education of Thai youth in the hope of creating quality human resources for the Thai society. The empowered Thai youth will grow up and be able to earn income by themselves on a sustainable basis. In addition, KTC has a clear policy to conduct its business without causing any adverse impact on natural resources, the environment and the society.

Operations and CSR Report

KTC has developed its business guidelines and compiled its CSR report based on the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s (SET) CSR guidelines, which is widely accepted by social responsible organizations and CSR implementers. Since the guidelines were laid down by SET, KTC has started off with its CSR report and been well on its path to prepare its sustainability report. The SET’s CSR guidelines cover all issues that need to be presented in not only nationally-recognized but also internationally-recognized sustainability reports.

On its operations, KTC has offered new products and services in an efficient manner. Specially designed in response to customers’ needs and proper segmentation, these products and services cater well to the different lifestyle of each customer group. KTC customers have enjoyed differentiated products/services with constant and well-rounded privileges because the Company is committed to serve what customers need. At KTC, there is a special unit to monitor its customers’ transaction 24 hours every day so as to deliver timely assistance in of fraud. All the aforementioned factors have helped establish KTC as the leader and provider of comprehensive services in consumer finance market. KTC has also run its operations under the close supervision of committees and work panels established by top executives of relevant departments.

In planning its CSR process, KTC focuses on providing fair and proper treatment to all stakeholders from shareholders, to customers, to creditors, to suppliers, to business partners, to competitors, to the society and the environment, to the Board of Directors and the Management Team, to the employees, as well as to the government sector. The CSR guidelines are as follows:

KTC has striven to conduct its business in a way that repays society, communities and environment as follows:

  1. Risk Assessment : As a company that operates in credit card and personal loan business, KTC emphasize in the risk management in various area that might effect to company’s business operation. The company has established the risk management guidelines and periodically reviewed the policy, which required the approval from the Risk Management Committee.
  2. Formulation of Guidelines : KTC has issued policies and announcements to provide its employees with guidelines on standard operation procedures. All relevant units have carefully studied policies and rules before their implementation at KTC to ensure that all relevant parties understand not just the concept of good internal control but also their roles and duties. To set an operation standard, the company required all units to develop their standard operation procedures (SOP) for their main activities. To inform employees in the unit of the procedures in order to perform those tasks correctly. The standard operation procedures must be revised periodically.
  3. Communications with Employees : KTC has communicated its policies and related news and announcements with employees via emails on a regular basis. Such communications are also stored in the Company’s online database, allowing convenient searches and retrievals.
  4. Compliance Checks : To ensure that all its units comply with its policies and rules, KTC has required its Internal Audit department to develop annual internal control plans. The implementation of the plans examines the compliance of each department in a bid to keep good internal control in place and also to reduce work-related risks, as well as report its findings to the audit committee and / or the board of directors.

KTC’s CSR implementation has been in process in accordance with the following eight principles based on the SET’s CSR guidelines. The full detail is shown in the company’s report or click here to view.