Credit card for Corporate


Annual Fee

In Control

Control your own credit

Special Privileges

from Business Alliance

Travel Insurance


Business & Financial Flexibility

  • Increase financial and business flexibility by reducing cash reserve, feel free to set credit limit for cardmember or temporary increase of credit limit in case of emergency.
  • Relieve financial document burdens, cheque drawing, billing by paying them all via the card.

Systematic and effective budget control 

  • Transaction detail report
  • Consolidated Monthly Statement report
  • Monthly travel & entertainment activity by cardmember report
  • Cardmember listing report

Interest Free

Interest free for 45 days grace period.

Travel Insurance

Feel comfortable for all travels when paying for ticket fee of public transportation that is authorized and has fixed schedule. Member will be automatically covered by accident insurance policy up to 4 millions Baht against 1 incident per 1 vehicle.

Special Privileges from Business Alliance

Privilege and discount from business alliances e.g. office supplies/communication-printing media system, computer, electronics, entertainment, travel, resort-hotel, airlines, restaurant, car rental service, leading hospital etc.

Application Details

  • Registered company as a juristic person legally.
  • Running business not less than 2 years.
  • Sales revenue must be over 500 million Baht.
Required Documents
  • Official legal documents e.g. a copy of company commercial registration certificate and a copy of list of shareholders which are not over 3 months from the applying date.   
  • A copy of memorandum of understanding.
  • A copy of most recent 6 months of company’s bank statement.
  • A copy of recent year of company financial statement.
  • A copy of identification card of who are authorized signatory and of card applicant.
  • A map of the company.
  • In case of authorization, a copy of identification card of grantor and grantee are required with the original of power of attorney form (30 Baht duty stamp) 
  • A copy of every page of passport book and work permit not less than 2 years are required for foreigner.  


  • Please certified true copy of all card applicant’s documents and company’s by authorized person with company stamp.
  • In case of amendment, please sign to certify with company stamp.
  • All signature must be identical the same in all documents. 
  • Company reserves the right to return all documents in all cases.