TAP & GO for your faster payment
with KTC MASTERCARD Contactless

Pay quickly with just a tap

Make everyday purchases quickly and safely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled Mastercard or device at the participating stores with the sign



More convenient and faster

Spend less time than paying by swiping/inserting credit card or by cash

Safer for every purchase

You can make a payment yourself without handing the card to the staff

Maximum payment amount without your signature

for transaction over 1,500 Baht, the payment has to be made by inserting or swiping the card in to the reader and sign on sales slip

4 easy ways to pay
with KTC MASTERCARD Contactless credit card

Look for the Mastercard Paypass logo

Inform the staff you intend to pay by
credit card

Tap your card in front of the card reader

Hold & listen for a beep sound and look for a green light indicating payment was accepted