Answer your every need with KTC CASH

High credit line with maximum credit limit up to 5 times of your income, and freedom to choose your payment date.

Easy to apply.

No request for collateral nor a surety. Get cash in your bank account within 2 days after approval. Easy installment payment for up to 60 months.

Very comfortable installment payment with effective interest rate for up to 60 months.

Effective rate calculation on interest rate and fees.

Interest / Fee Calculation

Payment Channels

Application Details

  • Have a steady source of income; for example, from working as a corporate employee, a civil servant, or a state enterprise employee, and etc.
  • Hold Thai nationality with at least 20 years of age.
  • Have a minimum of 15,000 baht monthly salary.
  • Work at least 4 months for the current employer.
  • Have valid home or office phone numbers.
Required Documents

For corporate employees/ civil servants/ state enterprise employees:

  • Copy of Identification Card.
  • Copies of Civil Servant Card or State Enterprise Employee Card, and House Registration.
  • (Master copy of) Proof of Income Letter / latest salary statement.
  • Copy of latest 3 month balance statements of your salary deposited account, from your banks/financial institutes.
  • Copy of the title page of the account book with the information of the (only borrower’s) bank name, and the account number.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).