Smart solutions for business demand

Enhance business competitiveness with KTC payment processing solutions

More powerful tools to maximize your business

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Get paid as you sell.

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Accept credit cards anytime, anywhere.

Online Payment Gateway

Made your e-commerce possible anywhere, anytime 24 hours a day.

Recurring Payments Service

Receive customer’s payments regularly
Money transferred to your account conveniently.


Connect your business to Chinese customers
Increase sales for your business.

EDC Service

Easy payment for your customers. Ensure to get money transferred with no delay.

mPOS Service

Turn smartphone or tablet into a mobile point of sale. Increases sales opportunities by accepting credit/ debit card conveniently in everywhere. Easy manage transactions via mobile application.

Online Payment Gateway

Buying and selling online is now possible 24/7.

Recurring Payments Service

Collect payments from customers with ease and receive your money as scheduled.


Increase sales and support every purchase of Chinese shoppers.

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Variety of payment options to boots up business opportunities.
Provide more convenient and flexible payment platforms.

An integrated payment solution for every need.

Accept all types of credit and debit cards payment issued by every financial institution worldwide, and supports up to 30 currencies.


Accelerate sales with KTC Installment Payment

which can be used via any of the KTC cards. Enable cardmembers to pay smarter and more flexible with KTC Installment Payment 0% interest or special interest rates for KTC credit cards and KTC PROUD Cash Card.

Increase sales by using point redemption.

KTC cardmembers can redeem KTC FOREVER points (no expiry date) for cash credit or products/services at any POS terminal.