Information Disclosure Policy

Blackout Period

To benefit from the statement of corporate governance principles and to provide fair & equitable treatments to stakeholders, the company released the information disclosure protocol that established blackout periods for personnel with the knowledge and access to material nonpublic information and as follows:

Financial Statements and other material nonpublic information.

Directors, executives, or employees with knowledge of the financial statements and other material nonpublic information (that may significantly affect the company’s share price) are prohibited from buying or selling the company’s stock nor facilitating such information to others; within 15 days prior to the company or group of company public release of such information. The personnel in effect are also be prohibited from trading of the company’s stock for personal gain or the benefits of others from such information within 24 hours after the information are made public, in which the timeline will be announced by the company;. The blackout period shall be as announced by the Company,

Special projects information that may have an effect on the decision to invest in the company’s security such as Merger ,Joint venture etc.

The boards members or working committees that concurred, acknowledged, or approved special projects that may have an effect on the decision to invest in the company’s securities are prohibited to reveal, disclose, or use the information to trade the company’s securities until such projects have been publicly disclosed, no longer in effect, or terminated. The trading can only take place after 24 hours of public disclosure have since passed. The working committees may choose to sign Confidential Agreement with outsourced consultants prior to launching the projects.

Silent Period

The company had established silent period which is an internal measure, which directed the investor relations department to decline meeting appointments nor provide information to investors, analyst, and shareholders within 7 days prior to the release of the unaudited (unreviewed) financial statements until the release of such information to the stock exchange of Thailand. With the exception of addressing fact, public information, or factual events that affected share price.