EDC Service

A fast and easy way for customers to make payments, our EDC service ensures and enhances merchant confidence. Have funds credited to any of your designated accounts the next day.

Get paid with no delay. Have funds transferred to your account in the next day.

The right EDC machine that best fits to your needs

  • LAN-based machine for daily card payment processing.
  • SIM card connected machine for in-store or on-the-go applications.

Accept all cards and multiple types of payments.

Accept payments of balance in full via all internationally recognized credit and debit cards, and from any issuing bank worldwide, as well as the swipe-to-pay feature of Samsung Pay. Besides, cardmembers can choose to pay with installments through KTC Installment Payment or redeem for products and services using KTC FOREVER points


Enable to convert to international currencies.

Customers can choose to pay for products and services in Thai baht or other 30 internationally recognized currencies.

Check transactions promptly.

Monitor card acccepted transactions on daily basis and request for tax invoices through ClickKTC MERCHANT.

Contact Merchant Service

02 123 5700

Everyday 24 hours

Application Details

Required Documents

For all merchants

  1. A filled-out application form with a 30-baht tax stamp
  2. Copy of commercial registration/ certificate of incorporation (must have been registered and active for at least 6 months before the date of application)
  3. Copy of personal identification card/passport and work permit (in case the signing person is foreigner)
  4. Letter of consent for withdrawal/transfer/direct debit from Krungthai Bank’s account
  5. Copy of the first page of Krungthai Bank’s account passbook
  6. Copy of bank statement of recent 4 months (any bank account)
  7. Business establishment's interior and exterior photographs/ image of website homepage (for e-Commerce business)
  8. Special/Specialized Business License
  9. Map of the location of establishment 

In case of authorization

Authorization with a 30-baht tax stamp and a copy of personal identification card of the authorizing person

For e-Commerce businesses

  1. Agreement of bank guarantee and  agree to deduct deposits for debt repayment
  2. Copy of e-Commercial registration certificate or proof of right to use hosting/domain name service
  3. Capture of webpages

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)