KTC optimizes workout efforts of members with the “Choose the PRO, to be PRO” campaign.

KTC is responding to the lifestyle needs of health-conscious and sportive members, particularly those who enjoy challenging sports and activities where certain expertise is required. The firm now works on the “Choose the PRO, to be PRO” campaign in collaboration with nine types of sports partners including specialty stores: Ari Football / Avarin / Banana2U / Rev Runnr / Nike / Asics / Vibram / Probike / Reebok / Under Armour / Teelakow and Tank Store. Privileges include product and service shopping experience with professionals in each kind of sports. The campaign is expected to be well received and to increase card spending by 20%.  

Miss Sireerat Korwanich, Senior Manager - Credit Card Bussiness, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, said, “The global community has been very much active in terms of health and exercise in the past three to four years. The trend is still going strong. People incorporate these workouts into their daily life. You can see how the top sports brands are designing apparels and accessories which are sharper, more fashionable and more wearable to work. It is where fashion meets sports. The government is recognizing the significance here as well by promoting sports in conjunction with tourism. Projects and activities are in place to elevate Thailand as a regional hub for athletic endeavors. There are always events for running, cycling, triathlon, for example, to encourage the Thai people to engage more in sports.” 

This consistently strong trend for sports has enticed KTC to become more proactive in responding to the lifestyle needs of health-conscious and sportive members. In the first quarter of 2017, in addition to the promotions with sports partners, KTC has become involved with sports through sponsorship of running events and organization of sportive workshops. As a result, KTC credit card spending in the Sports & Outdoor category in the first quarter of 2017 has grown by 14% over the same quarter of 2016. The number of members spending with a KTC credit card in the said category has increased as well by 25%. For the Fitness & Studio category, card spending increased by 19% and the number of members spending with their card in this category increased 23%. 

Therefore, KTC is expanding marketing initiative in this area by working with the nine types of sports partner including specialty store to launch the “Choose the PRO, to be PRO” campaign. These stores are Ari Football / Avarin / Banana2U / Rev Runnr / Nike / Asics / Vibram / Probike / Reebok / Under Armour / Teelakow and Tank Store. Members will enjoy three tiers of privileges when shopping for relevant products and services with the pros at these participating stores during April 16th – July 31st , 2017 as follows: 
Tier 1:    Shopping experience with a specialist, up to 20% discount and privileges. 
Tier 2:     Up to 18% on-top discount or cashback, provided that the member registers before or by payment date by texting “MU”, followed by a space and credit card number to 06 1384 5000 
Tier 3:     Stand the chance of winning one of the prizes worth collectively 87,000 Baht: Garmin Fenix 5X (one prize, worth 27,900 Baht); personal training course with famed trainers including running course with Din Staworn Chanpongsri from Staworn Running Club, weight training course with Fahsai Peungudom  from Under Armour and professional cycling course with Natee Chaisinpop from Probike (three prizes, worth collectively 30,000 Baht); and, 3,000 Baht gift voucher (10 prizes, worth collectively 30,000 Baht)

Members can participate in two ways. First, members can text to 061-384-5000 by typing “MT”, followed by a space, the 16-digit credit card number and “#A” for Garmin Fenix 5X (one prize) or “#B” for KTC to be PRO gift voucher (10 prizes) or “#C” for training course with famed trainers (three prizes). Secondly, members can register online at www.ktc.co.th/MTP where they can enter credit card number, telephone number and the prize choice of A, B or C. 
“We expect the ‘Choose the PRO, to be PRO’ campaign to be well received by health-conscious members, and to help them increase their workout potentials regardless of their sports of choice. It will contribute to 20% increase in the use of KTC credit card in this category of spending at the end of the campaign,” concluded Sireerat.