KTC revamps official website www.ktc.co.th allowing unlimited access across all devices for easier and simpler usability.

Mr. Parinya Attponmongkol, Senior Manager - Credit Card Business, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, states, “KTC revamped and modernized the layout of the official website, www.ktc.co.th, to complement the usage of members in the present day. Over 2.9 million KTC accounts and general users across the country are introduced to a newly improved interface for better user experiences and unlimited access to desired information with 3 prominent features: 1) Modernized, simple and aesthetically pleasing design which suit the digital age and meet the needs of all user groups. 2) Users can access the website through devices whenever and wherever on all platforms including desktop computers, smart phones and tablets. 3) Information is easily searchable and is organized in categories to provide quick and easy access to desired information. KTC members and general users can look up information and discover new experiences from KTC’s official website, www.ktc.co.th, starting from today onwards.”