Rabbit Finance: Easy & Hassle-free Auto Insurance


Purchase auto insurance at Rabbit Finance and make premium payment with KTC CREDIT CARD

Enjoy 0% KTC FLEXI up to 10 months
(For auto insurance type 1 and 2+)
Or get the discount up to 10% when selecting full payment (for any type of auto insurance) 

For purchase or for more information, please contact Rabbit finance Tel. 02-022-1222, or please visit https://finance.rabbit.co.th/car-insurance
Remark: KTC does not involve in insurance product under the promotion. 
1 Aug – 31 Dec 17


Terms & Conditions

  1. The purpose of this promotional campaign, as provided by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC, is to offer privileges to all KTC credit card members who purchase motor insurance plan from Rabbit Insurance Brokers Company Limited via KTC credit cards during 1 August 2017 to 31 December 2017 (“promotion period”) only. 
  2. Using the purchasing conditions as stated in clause 1. above, a cardmember will receive the rights as follows;
    • right to choose installment payment for motor insurance premium via installment service, KTC Flexi 0% up to 10 months for motor insurance type 1 and 2+
    • Or get up to 10% discount for all types of motor insurance plan when make a payment in full amount 
  3. KTC reserves the right to give/cancel/withdraw or return any privileges of this promotion, whether all or part, and request for all indemnities (if any) from a cardmember who is subsequently found to be ineligible or disqualified from this promotion, or used the credit card for business purposes, or cancelled a transaction and/or policy in which the said cardmember has already received the privilege. 
  4. KTC reserves the right to offer privileges only for active cardmembers with good payment history up until the date of privileges are delivered under this promotional campaign.
  5. These privileges are not exchangeable for cash, credit or other privilege and are non-transferable to any other card.
  6. KTC reserves the right to change or cancel these terms and conditions and/or privileges at any time without prior notice.  Any dispute, if any, shall be finalized by KTC.
  7. KTC acts as a third party for these products and/or services and/or insurance products only. Benefits and premiums shall be in accordance with insurance plans, terms and conditions, and all exceptions.  For questions or comments, please contact by Rabbit Insurance Brokers Company Limited, please call 02-022-1222
  8. Cardmembers shall read and understand proposal documents prior to making a decision to apply motor insurance.  If and when the cardmembers have already received the insurance policy, they should carefully read and understand details of the terms and conditions seriously. 
  9. For more information concerning this promotional campaign, please call 02 123 5000 Press 6 or www.ktc.co.th/insurance