Shop at Taywin with KTC Credit Card


Privilege 1: Get 13% Cash Back (no capped amounts) 

when paying with KTC Credit Card + redeeming KTC FOREVER REWARDS equal sales slip amount
Regsitration Required. 

Type up TW, a space and follow by the 16 digits of your credit card. 
SMS it to 0613845000 
You will receive an automatic registration confirmation (3 Baht per SMS)

Check your points via Tap KTC or Tel. 02 123 5000

Privilege 2: Get 5% Discount 

when spending 2,500 Baht per sales slip

1 Aug -30 Sept 2017


Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion is created to award privileges to all KTC cardmembers under KTC FOREVER REWARDS (“Reward Points”) only. The promotion does not apply with any type of KTC CASH BACK, KTC - THAI RED CROSS TITANIUM MASTERCARD, KTC VISA CORPORATE GOLD, KTC – SCG VISA PURCHASING, or KTC GOVERNMENT SERVICE.
  2. KTC cardmembers must register with the promotion. Please type TW, a space and follow by the 16 digits of your KTC card and send the SMS to 061-384-5000 (3 Baht per SMS). Your registration must be confirmed successful by an automatic SMS response. 
  3. In case of multiple registrations, the first complete registration will prevail. In case of multiple KTC credit cards that are eligible, calculation for cash backs for each registered card will be independent from one another, subject to these Terms. The cancellation of any of such cards for whichever reason will automatically disqualify it from the promotion.  
  4. Subject to these Terms, only KTC cardmembers  who use a KTC credit card at a Taywin Outlet (no minimum amounts required) between 1 Aug and 30 Sept 2017 and redeem KTC FOREVER REWARDS equal sales slip amounts will qualify for cash back.
  5. Redeeming for cash back must be based on one sales slip only.
  6. Only KTC cardmembers with sufficient reward points subject to these Terms will qualify for cash back. Those without sufficient points will not qualify. 
  7. The promotion does not apply with any cash advance, LTF/RMF payments (MCC 6211), KTC FLEXI by PHONE, interest-, fee-, or fine payments, cancellation refunds or any other types of refunds. 
  8. Cash backs will be calculated after a successful registration with the promotion only.  
  9. Subject to these Terms, cash backs (no capped amounts) will be credited to your account within 60 days from 30 Sept 2017. 
  10. The privileges under the promotion cannot be exchanged for cash, change nor transferred to any third party.   
  11. The promotion will remain effective to KTC cardmembers who maintain their membership status without a record of default or outstanding payment until the privileges are awarded by KTC. In case of any discrepancies, records maintained at KTC will prevail.
  12. KTC reserves the right to cancel, revoke or reclaim the privileges under the promotion whether wholly or partially as well as demand damages (if any) if eligibility is found to be in breach of these Terms or in bad faith or a fraud, or originate from a commercial use or a misuse of a KTC card, or if the payment is cancelled after privileges have been awarded. 
  13. KTC is not seller nor provider and therefore assumes no liability to the quality of any such goods or services. In case of any questions or complaints on such goods and/or services or requiring a receipt or tax invoice, please contact the seller and/or provider directly.   
  14. KTC reserves the right to alter or cancel details, terms and/or privileges of the promotion (including the right to choose different gifts or rewards of equivalent or similar value) without a prior notice. In case of a dispute, a KTC decision will be final.
  15. For further information, please call 02 123 5000.