Shop fun and get cash back with KTC credit card


Cash Back 12%

GET 1 : Get Starbucks Gift Card valued 100 Baht when spending with KTC credit card at the minimum of 3,000 Baht during April 4th – June 30th, 2017; whereas multiple sales slip made under the same credit card number within the same date can be used in combine.
(Reserve to grant 1 gift card/1 credit card number/day)
(Please receive the gift card at the reception on G Floor)
GET 2 : Get cash back 12% when redeeming KTC FOREVER REWARDS points equal to spending amount/sales slip by sending a registration SMS only one time throughout the promotional period from April 4th – June 30th, 2017
4 Apr – 30 June 17
  1. Type MY(space)16-digit credit card number 
  2. Send to 0613845000
  3. There will be KTC’s auto-reply message confirming successful registration (3 Baht/SMS)


Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is arranged by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC to grant exclusive privileges to all types of KTC cardmembers who spend with KTC credit card during April 4th – June 30th, 2017 (“Promotional Period”) under the determined terms and conditions only, except for those who have KTC VISA CORPORATE GOLD credit card, KTC-SCG VISA PURCHASING credit card, and KTC Government Service credit card. 
  2. When having spending amount made with KTC credit card as determined, KTC cardmembers may present sales slip to receive the complimentary gift at service center of the department store on the same day as when the spending amount has been made with KTC credit card under the determined terms and conditions only.
  3. KTC reserves the right to grant complimentary gift under this promotion only up to 1 piece/ 1 sales slip/ 1 credit card number/ day.
  4. The cardmembers who wish to receive cash back under this promotion are required to send a registration SMS to 0613845000 by typing MY(space)16-digit credit card number (3 Baht/SMS). In this regard, the cardmembers must receive KTC’s auto-reply message confirming the registration in order to successfully participate in this promotion.
  5. If the registration has been processed more than 1 time, KTC will consider the first successful registration made with the first credit card only. In the case that the same cardmember has more than 1 eligible KTC credit card, KTC will consider the spending amount from each registered card separately and will calculate KTC Forever Rewards points from properly registered cards for cash back which will be granted to the cardmember’s account. In the case that any cardmembers have cancelled the registered card in any circumstance, KTC will assume that such cardmembers have disclaimed the privilege under this promotion since the month when the cancellation has been made.
  6. The cardmembers may redeem points for cash back for the payment of product/service per 1 sales slip only. Multiple sales slips cannot be used in combine.
  7. KTC reserves the right to grant cash back under this promotion to the cardmembers who have sufficient KTC FORVER REWARDS points in the credit card account under the determined terms and conditions only.
  8. KTC reserves the right to exclude spending amount made under CashAdvance, all types of LTF/RMF payment (MCC 6211), FLEXI by PHONE transaction, interest, credit limit adjustment fee, fine and any other fees and charges, including refunds from purchase cancellation and any other types of refund, from the calculation of privilege granting to the cardmembers under this promotion.
  9. For cash back calculation from the spending amount made with KTC credit card under this promotion, KTC will calculate the total spending amount from the first day when the successful registration has been made only.
  10. KTC will grant cash back under this promotion to the cardmembers’ credit card account within 60 days from the end of each calendar month (from April 4th – June 30th, 2017. 
  11. The privilege under this promotion cannot be refunded or exchanged into cash, nor may it be transferred to any third party.
  12. KTC reserves the right to offer privilege under this program to cardmembers who maintain their membership status and who are without a record of default or outstanding payment throughout the program until the day on which the privilege is granted to the cardmembers, in accordance with KTC’s existing record.
  13. ขอ KTC reserves the right to award, cancel, revoke or reclaim any privileges granted to the cardmembers under this promotion, wholly or partially, including the claim of compensation for damages (if any) if fraudulent activities are committed in order to receive this privilege, or if the credit card is used for any commercial purpose, in breaching of determined conditions, and for any non-consumption purpose, or when the transaction is cancelled after KTC duly granted privilege under this promotion to the cardmembers.
  14. KTC is not a products seller/service provider and therefore assumes no responsibilities in respect of any products/services. Should there be any inquiries or claims in respect of products/services, or sales slip/tax invoice requirement, please contact each product seller/service provider directly.
  15. KTC reserves the right to amend or cancel terms and conditions, details, and/or privileges of this promotion (including changing to any other prizes with equivalent value) without prior notice. In the case of a dispute, KTC’s decision is deemed final.
  16. For more information, please call KTC PHONE 02 123 5000.

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