About OTP

To ensure that KTC communicates the latest information and sends the OTP to your correct mobile phone number.

What is OTP?

OTP is a system that provides security for KTC Cardholders when making online transaction. OTP is a single use password used for one login session or one transaction only. The OTP will expire in 3 minutes, and if not used in that allotted time,a new OTP will be need to be requested. KTC will send the OTP directly by SMS to the mobile number you registered with KTC.

What is the benefit of OTP?

  • Increased security for online transactions
  • Increased convenience because of no need to remember passwords
  • Other people will not be able to know your email or password
  • Confidential information cannot be intercepted by Packet sniffer software

How can I check that KTC has my correct mobile phone number or How do I update my latest mobile phone number?

If you are not sure if KTC has your latest mobile phone number or not, please call KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 (24 hours)

How do I use OTP when making inline transaction?

Once you have received the OTP (6 digit number), enter the number into the website. You can cross check that it is the correct OTP by comparing the reference code on the webpage and your SMS message.


How do I register for OTP service?

Case1 : For Customers who have never registered for Secures e-pay service

  • - Open ClickKTC webpage and choose Secured e-pay
  • - Choose and register to use single use OTP Service
  • - Verify that you are KTC Cardholder
  • - Assign your PAM (Personal Assurance Message)
  • - Register the mobile phone number you wish to receive OTP message (has to be the same mobile phone mu,ber registered with KTC)
  • - Choose which language you wish to receive SMS OTP message (Thai or English)
  • - Wait to receive OTP confirmation message
  • - Enter the OTP received by SMS into the webpage and click Next
  • - The System will show the results of the registration

Case2 : For Customers who have already registered to use Secured e-pay service

  • - Customers making a payment on 30 Secure registered online shop
  • - Enter your card number, expiry date and CVV2 code and click Submit
  • - Nest the webpage will show that on OTP will be sent, and inform to which mobile phone number by displaying the last 4 digits
  • - The OTP message will be sent be SMS to the registered mobile phone number
  • - wait to receive OTP SMS
  • - Enter the 6 digit number (OTP) into the webpage and click Next
  • - The webpage will display the completed transaction.



* Krungthai Card PCL will terminate the use of static Passwords and will switch over to use OTP (One Time Password) for more convenience and safety on 15th October, 2013. For more information contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 (24 hours)