Privacy Policy

  1. The customers’ information received by KTC via the website (the “Customers’ Information”) will be kept confidential. KTC will safeguard the Customers’ Information against any misuse or any loss or any unauthorized access to the Customers’ Information unless KTC informs the customers of the disclosure policy or receives the permission from the customer or is required by any law or regulation to disclose the Customers’ Information (as the case may be).
  2. In order to maintain the Customer's Information confidential, KTC will retain a system of security standard to prevent the Customer's Information from imporper change, damage or destroy, or any non-permission.
  3. KTC will use the Customers’ Information only for credit approval analysis, the issue of KTC’s credit card, any financial product, any service regarding KTC’s business.
  4. In order to maintain the Customers’ Information confidential and use such Customers’ Information inaccordance with the purposes of Clause 3 above, KTC will allow only the relevant KTC’s employees, staffs to access to the Customers’ Information. In case of hiring any service provider to perform any service regarding the aforementioned purposes, KTC will cause and control such service provider to maintain the Customers’ Information confidential and to use only permitted information and comply strictly with KTC’s privacy standard and policy.