Ms. Phichamon Jitpentham (right), Vice President - Personal Loans, “KTC” or Krungthai Card Public Company Limited, hosts the first rounds of the “10th Season of Debt-Clearing” award ceremony comprising of 36 awards with a grand total prize worth nearly Bt. 250,000 to lucky “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card members. Some of the lucky winners include Ms. Ampaiphan Wongthaworn (center, right) who won the 100% existing KTC PROUD debt clearance grand prize, Mr. Prasarn Khomkum (center, left), and Ms. Wannipa Dangam (left), winners of 10% KTC PROUD debt clearance prizes. The event was recently held at “KTC” on the 14th floor of the UBC II Building.

This year’s “10th Season of Debt-Clearing” campaign, KTC draws up to 10 prize rounds with up to 360 prizes to allow “KTC PROUD” Revolving Loan card members even more chances to lighten their debt loads throughout the year. Those interested in participating in the campaign can do so by simply registering using one of the following methods: sending a SMS text message by typing CD followed by a space and 16 KTC PROUD Revolving Loan account number digits to 061-384-5000, register online free of cost via, or at any “KTC TOUCH” service branches. Member will get one chance of lucky draw for every additional outstanding of 2,000 baht from previous accounting period with minimum 15 days of balance holding until account closing period.