Cookies and/or Similar Technology Notice

Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (“the Company”) may use cookies or other similar technologies (“cookies”) on the Company’s websites and/or applications for a number of reasons which may include to run or improve the efficiency of our websites and/or application to help you receive better browsing experience and allow the Company to improve the quality of services to better serve your needs.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information which are downloaded to your web browsers, computer devices, internet-enabled devices, e.g. computers, smartphones, or tablets. They record data and settings, e.g. your present visiting status, language setting, data related to the browsing history of your preferred websites and/or applications to enable you to continuously use services that use cookies or other similar technologies.

Benefits of cookies

Cookies help the Company to remember which part of the Company’s websites and/or applications you visited to enable the Company to better tailor your user experience and meet your needs, and enable you to continuously use websites and/or applications. Moreover, cookies record your first settings to allow access to websites and/or applications with the same settings every time unless the cookies are removed; in which case all settings will revert to the original.

Types of cookies

Types of cookies that the Company uses are including but not limited to the following:
Types of CookiesDetailsExamples
Strictly Necessary cookies These cookies are essential for the website to function normally and securely. These cookies do not require consent from users as they are essential for users to use the website.
  1. Private_content_version
  3. searchReport-log
Functionality cookies These cookies allow us to remember your preferences, such as language, favorite promotion, etc. This will make our website easier to use and more suitable to your needs and preferences.
  1. Google Analytics
Analytical/Performance Cookies These cookies help us to gather information, count the number of visitors and the interactions on our website. They also allow us to understand and enhance the website’s efficiency and your experience.
  1. Google Analytics
Advertising cookies These cookies measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, adjusting content and providing advertisements that suit your preference. They gather information about your browsing statistics and are shared with online advertising partners anonymously.
  1. Google Ads
  2. Floodlight
  3. Facebook Pixels
  4. Facebook API
  5. TikTok Ads
  6. Line Ads

Cookie settings and refusals

You may manage your cookies according to your preferences. However, if you set your browser or privacy settings to refuse all cookies, you may not be able to efficiently use some or all functions of the website and/or application. For more details, please visit or

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