Investor Relations
Financial Highlight

Disclosure Policy

Krungthai Card Public Company Limited (“The Company”) realizes the significance of good corporate governance for the benefit and the equitable treatment to all stakeholders. The Company stipulates the notification of information disclosure or the use of the Company’s inside information (The Notification). The Notification designates the Blackout Period and the Silent Period as employees’ practice guidelines. In addition, the Company oversees to ensure that such information is disclosed in an accurate, complete, transparent, thorough, and timely manner.

Authorized Spokespersons

The Chief Executive Officer has authority to consider disclosing material information relating to the Company’s overall and business trends and other related businesses, including policy and business direction, vision, business competitive advantage, business strategy, and operating performance.

Moreover, the Senior Executive Vice President, the Executive Vice President, the Senior Vice President and the Vice President of each division also have authority to consider and decide to disclose information within their scope of responsibility according to the “KTC Media Policy”.

Dissemination of Information

The Company information shall be accurate, transparent, equitable, reliable, straightforward, easy to understand and punctual.

The Company has set up the Investor Relations Department as a center responsible for the disclosure of information and the Company’s operations to create a precise understanding, including to develop and to maintain good relationships with all stakeholders such as small investors, institutional investors, general investors, securities analysts, domestic and international fund managers, as well as customers, government agencies, other related agencies and general public, etc. Thus, all the Company’s related parties and individuals receive accurate and equitable information.

The report or disclosure of information to governing agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shall meet the deadline and frequency as specified by those particular agencies according to types of information.

Besides, material information that affects the Company’s share price, investment decision, share price evaluation or shareholders’ benefit shall be disclosed only after such information is officially disseminated to the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Management of Leakage Information and Correction of Disclosure Errors

The Board of Directors or working committees, who consider approving special projects or acknowledging confidential business information, are prohibited from disclosing information that may cause disadvantages, information that has not yet been concluded or is being negotiated with uncertainty, including special projects information that has not yet been disclosed to the public. They are also prohibited from disclosing, disseminating or using special projects’ information for the benefit of trading the Company’s shares until the information is disclosed to the public, or special projects are finished or terminated. They are also refrained from using words that may mislead the Company’s share price.

The Board of Directors or working committees who acknowledge or approve confidential business information shall not trade the Company’s shares until after 24 hours since all such information has been disclosed to the public. Furthermore, they may sign the Confidential Agreement with outsourced consultants before special projects are kicked off.

In case material information is leaked to others person prematurely, or disclosed information is deviated from the facts or there is a significantly inaccurate interpretation, which may lead to rumors that may have an impact on the Company’s share price, the Chief Executive Officer, the Senior Executive Vice President, the Executive Vice President, the Senior Vice President and the Vice President of each division have authority to clarify the facts according to the “KTC Media Policy” for the precise understanding immediately.

Blackout Period

Directors, executives, or employees with knowledge of the financial statements and other information that may affect the Company’s share price are prohibited from trading the Company’s shares nor facilitating such information to others within 15 days prior to the Company and/or group of companies (if any) publicly released such information. They are also prohibited from trading the Company’s shares either for personal gain or for the benefit of others from such information within 24 hours after all information are publicly released. The blackout period will be announced by the Company.

Silent Period

The Company designates the Silent Period as an internal practice measure, where the Investor Relations department refrains from accepting any meeting appointments, providing information or replying to queries related to financial statements to securities analysts, investors, and shareholders within 7 days prior to the release of the unaudited financial statements until the release date of such information to the Stock Exchange of Thailand. However, communications should be limited to addressing the facts, providing publicly disclosed information, or clarify the incidents that affect the Company’s share price.