Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at MIT TAE PET CLINIC Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at MIT TAE PET CLINIC

Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at MIT TAE PET CLINIC with KTC credit card

» Get discount 10%
for annual vaccinate program.

» Petsitting privileges :
Free Pre-stay checkup , Tick-flea protection program (For sitting over 3 days)

» Redeem points get to 15% cash back (Register 1 time during the promotion period)
When spending every 500 baht with KTC credit card and using every 500 KTC FOREVER points.

Register through 3 channels
- SMS: Type HTP (space) 16-digit card number send to 0613845000
- Website:
- KTC PHONE : 02 123 5000
- Cash back redemption with points not exceeding the spending which can be divided by 500 into a full number only.
- Calculation processes from the first successful registration date only.

» 0.74 % interest Installment Payment up to 10 Months via KTC PHONE (Please register every time making the installment)
Whereas total amount must be at the minimum of 3,000 baht or more.
- Allow to collect the purchased(s) on the same day, must have purchased amount more than 500 baht / purchased.
- Installment Payment via KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 on the purchased date only.
- 0.74% interest rate is equivalent to an effective interest rate not exceeding 16% per year.

15 Feb 24 – 31 Dec 24

Terms and Conditions