Live a daily life “Worry-Free” with MSIG Seasonal Diseases insurance

MSIG Seasonal Diseases
Covers up to 8 seasonal diseases at affordable prices

Affordable premiums, can choose from many plans to deal with many seasonal diseases.

Easy to apply, no health declaration required.

Receive hospital income benefit up to 30 days from seasonal diseases and accidents

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Get 15% discount
when purchasing MSIG Seasonal Diseases insurance online.
5 Jul 24 – 31 Jan 24

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• KTC acts as a third party for these products and/or services and/or insurance products only.
• Benefits and premiums shall be in accordance with insurance plans, terms and conditions, and all exceptions. For questions or comments about the products, please contact MSIG Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited Tel. 02 007 9044
• For more information concerning this promotional campaign, please contact KTC PHONE Tel. 02 123 5000

* Insured by MSIG Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited.
* Applicants should have an understanding of the details of coverage and conditions before making a decision to purchase insurance.

5 Jul 24 – 31 Jan 24

Terms and Conditions