#UnlimitedBlissful with KTC Credit Card at Major Cineplex

999 KTC FOREVER points redemption for “Combo Set”

Redeem 999 KTC FOREVER points for e-Coupon “Combo Set”
(Popcorn 64 oz.+ soft drink 32 oz.: 1 set valued 215 Baht)
via KTC Mobile app

*The coupon will expire within 30 days after the day of redemption


26 Nov 18 – 31 Oct 19
For more information, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000

At any theatre of Major Cineplex Group (Major Cineplex)

If you do not have the application, please download now;
» KTC Mobile app


☰ Easy steps to do point redemption via KTC Mobile app
• Open KTC Mobile app and choose KTC credit card you want to use for transaction
• Choose “Point” and press “Point redemption”
• Choose” Coupon” and press the coupon you want for redemption (Icon: MAJOR CINEPLEX)
• The system shows number of points and conditions to use the coupon.
• Check correctness and press “Confirm”
• Complete transaction, press “Save image” to save transaction record.

  • Major Cineplex every branches (*except Quartier CineArt)
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