Redeem Signature Dish with KTC credit card

» Signature Dish with KTC credit card.

Redeem signature dish start at 299 with KTC FOREVER point
at participating restaurants

  Restaurant Details
 1  Black Canyon  Get Shrimp Pad Thai valued THB 148
 when redeem 899 KTC FOREVER points
 (redeem via KTC Mobile app only)
 2  Four Seasons  Get Four Seasons Roast Duck (Small) valued THB 506 (Net)
 when redeem 2,499 KTC FOREVER points
 16 Mar 19 - 31 May 19
 3  Ho Kitchen Seafood  Get 1 Dim Sum valued THB 90-150
 when redeem 299 KTC FOREVER points
 Unlimited Redemption
 (except for abalone dumplings, shark fin dumplings, crispy shrimp noodles menu)
 4  Hong Min  Get Peking Duck valued THB 599
 when redeem 3,999 KTC FOREVER points
 16 Mar 19 - 31 May 19
 5  Khua Kling Pak Sod  Get Khua Kling Moo Sab serve with fresh vegetable valued THB 180
 when redeem 999 KTC FOREVER points
 6  Kungthong Seafood  Get Crab Meat with Curry Powder valued THB 450
 when redeem 2,399 KTC FOREVER points
 Or get 15% discount
 when redeem KTC FOREVER points equal to spending amount / sales slip.
 7  Laem Charoen Seafood  Get Deep Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce valued THB 460 - 490
 when redeem 2,399 KTC FOREVER point
 8  Lee Café  Get Turnip Cake or Fried Pork/Beef with Bacon, Chilli and Basil Leaves with Rice valued THB 120
 when redeem 699 KTC FOREVER point
 9  Lee Coffee House  Get Crab Meat Fried Rice or Shanghai Noodle with chicken, chilli and mushroom valued THB 110
 when redeem 699 KTC FOREVER point
 10  Savoey / Savoey Seafood  Get Jumbo Crab Meat menu valued THB 450
 when redeem 2,499 KTC FOREVER point
 11  SeeFah ​ Get Braised chicken and fried egg over rice + Dumpling valued THB 198
 Or Mixed ingredient egg noodle + Crispy Pork Wonton valued THB 226
 when redeem 999 KTC FOREVER points
 12  Tawandang German Brewery  Get Deep Fried Pork Knuckle valued THB 490
 when redeem 2,499 KTC FOREVER points
 13  Zaap Classic  Get raw shrimp papaya salad (Small) valued THB 149
 when redeem 899 KTC FOREVER points.
 Or get seafood papaya salad (Small) valued THB 239
 when redeem 1,499 KTC FOREVER points

16 Mar 19 – 30 Jun 19

  • Black Canyon
  • Four Seasons
  • Ho Kitchen Seafood
  • Hong Min
  • Khua Kling Pak Sod
  • Kungthong Seafood
  • Laem Charoen Seafood
  • Lee Café
  • Lee Coffee House
  • Savoey / Savoey Seafood
  • SeeFah
  • Tawandang German Brewery
  • Zaap Classic
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