KTC FOREVER points can be converted into PT Max Point today

500 KTC FOREVER points = 500 PT Max Point

Convert every 500 KTC FOREVER points into PT Max Point via KTC Mobile app right away

Maximum conversion :: More you convert, more value you get
✓ So easy
✓ No limit of maximum KTC FOREVER points to convert*
✓ You can redeem PT Max Pont for discount on oil or complimentary gift from PT gas station**
✓ Both cards must be applied with the same I.D. card number only.

*For point conversion per 1 time, minimum is 500 points and maximum is 20,000 points (no limit of times)
** Terms and conditions of the redemption for discount on oil or complimentary gift from PT gas station are according to specified conditions by PT.

1 Apr 19 – 31 Dec 19
For more information, please call KTC PHONE 02 123 5000

Download the application now and install it here.
» KTC Mobile app

☰ Steps to do point conversion via KTC Mobile app
• Open KTC Mobile app and choose KTC card you want to use for transaction
• Choose “Point” and press menu “Convert point” below
• Choose "PT Icon"
• Choose tier of points you want to convert and press “Next”
• Check for correctness and press to confirm
• Press “Save image” to save transaction information
Terms and Conditions