Promotion Power Buy IT Splash sale with KTC cards

Special privileges for KTC cards

Privileges 1: 0% installment payment for 4 months for IT products and get discount up to 5%
•  For mobile, tablet, camera, notebook/computer, office product category get 3% discount with the installment payment more than 3,000 baht or get 5% discount when the price more than 18,000 Baht.
•  For accessories, gadget, games category get 3% with the installment payment from 3,000 Baht or get 5% discount when the price more than 10,000 Baht.

Privileges 2: Redeem additional discount up to 15%
When using KTC FOREVER points from 1,000 points or more
Redeem additional discount 12% from the points redeemed on Monday-Thursday. 
Redeem additional discount 15% from the points redeemed on Friday – Sunday.

Note: KTC reserves the right to not give KTC FOREVER points for the installment payment at Power Buy in any case.

1 Apr 19 - 30 Apr 19

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