Get unlimited cash back when spending in full amount with KTC credit cards at Vimut hospital

Privilege 1:
Healthy Slim Check package, special price 2,250 baht (for women customers only)

Checklist :
    - Thorough physical examination by a doctor (Physical Examination)
    - Recommend and plan exercise By a physical therapist 1 time (Consultations Physical Therapist 1 time
    - Nutritional assessment and plan individual meals by a dietician 1 time (Consultations Dietician 1 Time)
    - Measure blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, body mass index (Vital Signs, Weight, Height, BMI
    - Measure fat mass with an In-Body machine.
    - Blood sugar level test (FBS)
    - Kidney function test (Creatinine)
    - Check triglyceride levels in the blood. (Triglyceride)
    - Check the level of bad blood fats (LDL).
    - Check the average cumulative blood sugar level (HbA1c)

Package conditions :
    1. Price includes doctor's fees, nursing service fees and hospital service fees.
    2. Please refrain from drinking water and food for at least 8-12 hours before receiving the service.
    3. The period for purchasing and using the package is from 15 March to 30 April 2024.
    4. The above price does not include expenses other than those specified in the package, medicine, medical supplies, or expenses that may occur in the case that detected abnormalities and the doctor has recommended additional examinations or treatment.
    5. Please make an appointment in advance. Any enquiry please contact us at the Diabetes, Thyroid, Endocrine and Weight Control Center, 3rd floor, Vimut Hospital, Tel. 02 079 0070. Time 8:00 - 17:00 hrs.
    6. This price cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional programs. Collecting money from contracting companies, insurance companies including other discount promotions.
    7. The hospital reserves the right to change terms, conditions, prices, etc. without prior notice.
    8. The hospital reserves the right to request a refund in all cases.
    9. This package must be paid with KTC credit card only.

15 Mar 24 – 30 Apr 24

Privilege 2:
Get unlimited cash back when spending in full amount at hospitals nationwide.

Retail Spending per Sales SlipGet Credit Cash Back
15,000 – 69,999 Baht200 Baht
70,000 – 119,999 Baht900 Baht
120,000 - 199,999 Baht1,600 Baht
200,000 Baht and up2,800 Baht

- Reserve the right to limit the cash back under this promotion, 1 right per 1 sales slip per 1 card number per day only.
- With this program, members will not receive all kinds of points from the spending amount. In the case that there are points credited to the card account Members cannot use that point. The points will be deducted from the card account on the day that the member receives the cash back credit. If the points cannot be deducted back, KTC refrains from giving the full amount of cash back credit under this program.

How to get privileges
Register once within the day of spending and receive privileges throughout the program.

15 Mar 24 – 30 Apr 24

Terms and Conditions