Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at PRAWET PET HOSPITAL Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at PRAWET PET HOSPITAL

Healthy Pet...Happy Me 2024 at PRAWET PET HOSPITAL with KTC credit card

» Special voucher package for pet hospital room at 1,800 Baht (regular price 2,000 Baht)

» Free pet transfer voucher for 1 round (2 transfers ) when spend over 10,000 Baht/sales slip
Reserve the right to service under the coverage area as specified by the hospital.
Additional service fee will be applied for outside service area.

» Redeem points get to 15% cash back (Register 1 time during the promotion period)
When spending every 500 baht with KTC credit card and using every 500 KTC FOREVER points.

Register through 3 channels
- SMS: Type HTP (space) 16-digit card number send to 0613845000
- Website:
- KTC PHONE : 02 123 5000
- Cash back redemption with points not exceeding the spending which can be divided by 500 into a full number only.
- Calculation processes from the first successful registration date only.

» 0.74% interest Installment Payment up to 10 Months via KTC PHONE (Please register every time making the installment)
Whereas total amount must be at the minimum of 3,000 baht or more.
- Allow to collect the purchased(s) on the same day, must have purchased amount more than 500 baht / purchased.
- Installment Payment via KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 on the purchased date only.
- 0.74% interest rate is equivalent to an effective interest rate not exceeding 16% per year.

1 Apr 24 – 31 Dec 24

Terms and Conditions