4.4 Shopee Video Day 4.4 Shopee Video Day

Shop online at Shopee 4.4 Shopee Video Day with all types of KTC credit cards and KTC PROUD cash cards

Get discount up to 550 Baht one day only
Shop online via Shopee App and fill in promo codes. Get 0% installment up to 10 months (For selected items only)

CardsDiscount (Baht)Minimum spending / transaction (Baht)Promo Codes
250 1,200 44SPKTCMC
All types of KTC cards 500 3,333 44SPKTCH
220 1,200 44SPKTC
S Video only
400 Collect codes at
Shopee App
KTC VISA 220 1,200 Collect codes at
Shopee App

*Shop online via S Video only

• KTC reserves the right to grant discount total of 1 discount code usage / 1 Shopee member / discount code
• Applicable to all categories except Digital products, Ticket & Voucher, Baby powdered milk formula 1&2, Gold Bar, Gold Plate, Gold Rings, Gold Necklaces, Gold Earrings, Gold Bangles, Diamond Rings, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Bangles, and legally controlled goods.
• This voucher is applicable to only Shopee Standardized Logistics Service (Cannot be used with Seller Own Fleet, Bulky Delivery, Instant Delivery)
• The discount that the cardmembers receive under this promotion can be used as additional discount before discounts from Shopee coins and delivery fee.
• In case of cancelled or incomplete orders, discount code cannot be refunded in any case.
• Exclude payment with KTC cards in Google Pay.
• 0% interest rate if paid in full within due date.
• For KTC PROUD Borrow when necessary and pay back on time to avoid a 20% - 25% interest rate per annum.

4 Apr 24 (starts 00:00 HRS)

Terms and Conditions