Promotion Gold with KTC cards

The installment payment up to 24 months and get cash back up to 20,000 Baht

Installment payment with KTC Card Plan at participate stores will receive a credit cash back into cardmember’s credit card account per sales slip based on the spending amount as the following: 
Credit cash back with more than 12 months
installment payment
Credit cash back with 3-10 months installment payment Spending amount under Installment payment with KTC Card Plan per sales slip
350 Baht 150 Baht 18,000 – 34,999 Baht
600 Baht 400 Baht 35,000 – 69,999 Baht
1,200 Baht 1,000 Baht 70,000 Baht upward

Get 10% credit cash back and get KTC FORVER pointsx2 with full amount payment
The cardmembers who spend with card at the minimum of 2,000 Baht per sales slip may redeem KTC Points equal to spending amount per sales slip to receive credit cash back in accordance with specified conditions only and receive extra KTC FOREVER points 2 times.

1 May 19 - 31 Aug 19
Terms and Conditions