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Redeem 10% discount + Redeem to cash up to 15% at

>> Get 10% discount add code : KTCXREV200
When spending reaches 2,000 baht or more per sales slip at

>> Special privileges for KTC – REV credit card
Redeem 15% cash back discount When redeeming KTC FOREVER point in the amount equivalent to the payment per transaction (full payments only)

>> Special privileges for other KTC credit cards Redeem up to 15% cash back

Spending per sales slipRedeem to cash
1-3,999 Baht 13%
4,000 Baht up 15%

When using KTC FOREVER points in the amount equivalent to the payment per transaction.
* full payment*
Maximum KTC FOREVER point redemption limited to net payment amount per transaction

16 Feb 24 – 31 May 24

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