Privilege for KTC cardmembers to travel in convenience with Airport Express

from airport to destination  around Hong Kong with variety of stations and number of days to choose

Airport Express Price per person (THB.)
Round trip Kowloon Station  560
One Way Kowloon Station 320
Round trip Hong Kong Station 600
One Way Hong Kong Station 370
Round trip Tsing Yi Station 380
One Way Tsing Yi Station 220
Airport Express & MTR Price per person (THB.)
Kowloon + 2 Day MTR 1,080
Kowloon + 3 Day MTR 1,130
Hong Kong + 2 Day MTR 1,390
Hong Kong + 3 Day MTR 1,390
MTR Tourist Day Pass (E-Ticket) Price per person (THB.)
*This ticket is for no limit trip/1 day by MTR only (Not for Airport Express, Light Rail, MTR Bus Service, East Rail Line First Class, Lo Wu & Lok Ma Chau Stations) 290

For information/reservation, please contact KTC World Travel Service at Tel. 02 123 5050, 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M. everyday.

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