Enjoy Summer Splash at UD Town with KTC CREDIT CARDS

>> 2 privileges for KTC credit card members

Privilege 1: Get free Swensen’s ice cream, Chuvi fancy chocolate
at 85 baht (for UD TOWN branch only)
When spending over 1,200 baht

Privilege 2, get 1 UD Mug Limited Edition (at 250 baht)
When spending over 2,000 baht or

* Reserves the right to grant complimentary gift under this promotion only up to 1 piece/ 1 sales slip/ 1 credit card number/ day. By which members can combine sales slips used through the card under the same name-last name and spend within the same day to receive gifts.

1 Apr 19 - 30 Jun 19

Terms and Conditions
UD Town / ยูดี ทาวน์