Privacy policy

KTC takes the security of the cardmembers’ information very seriously. We strictly follow the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance (“the ordinance”) all the time in order to collect, secure, and use the information. KTC takes the following specific steps to protect your information, except in the case that the cardmembers see differently as appropriate.

KTC collects personal data of the cardmembers with objective to provide financial service, traveling and tour service, and other relating services only.

In every step of practice, KTC will make sure the personal data of the cardmembers is accurate and it will not be saved for too long or will be abolished according to the regulations of internal data protection of KTC.

The personal data of the cardmembers will not be used for any other objectives than the objective at the time of data collection or the objective directly relating.

The personal data of the cardmembers will be protected from any access, data processing, or unauthorized deletion or by accident.

The cardmembers are eligible to correct their personal data that is secured by KTC. KTC will proceed with the request to access to or to correct the data of the mentioned cardmembers in accordance with the above ordinance. The personal data of the cardmembers is taken as a secret data and KTC can disclose it as the ordinance allows or according to laws specified or for the benefit of communication on privileges in goods/services of the member stores to the cardmembers or for purpose of statistic or study and analisis which KTC sees as benefit to the cardmembers only.