Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the service provider of the online flight booking and issuing system on KTC World website?

The flight booking and ticket issuing service on this website is operated by World Explorer Company Limited the allied travel agent of KTC which has got license number 35-3-0509-3 from International Air Transport Association (IATA). The website uses the system provided by Amadeus the leader in flight booking and ticket issuing service system of international standard which has been well accepted by travel agents worldwide. (For more information on Amadeus system, please visit the website

2. What do I need to prepare before I make flight booking?

You need to prepare your passport or I.D. card and the KTC credit card you want to use at hand. Please study and understand and agree to the terms and conditions prior to processing with the flight booking.

3. What is the difference between promotional flight ticket and normal flight ticket?

The promotional ticket will have extra terms and conditions and/or short period of booking and travel and cannot be changed after the ticket issuing. Some type of promotional tickets requires you to make reservation of accommodation along with. An officer will notify you on additional cost of the accommodation before ticket issuing. In the case that you choose this type of promotional ticket but do not want to make reservation for the accommodation according to specified conditions, the airline reserves the right to change the ticket price as see appropriate. For your convenience, please read “conditions and regulations of plane ticket” every time before confirming the reservation.

4. Why sometimes, the ticket price shown in the process of seat reservation/payment does not match with the price shown on the previous “search” page?

For speed of result on “search” page, the system pulls the price based on airport tax and fuel fee that was latest recorded in the system. When the cardmember made confirmation on booking and payment, the system will pull a new ticket price based on updated tax and fee on the day of booking or payment. With the fluctuation of fuel fee and oil price rate every week, the ticket prices may not match.

5. Can I change the flight, traveling date, and route/destination?

The mentioned change can be done under terms and conditions of that ticket and that airline. The cardmembers can contact an officer to notify the change of traveling date or flight at KTC World Travel Service, Tel. 02 123 5050. Some type of promotional tickets has restriction that you cannot change the traveling date or you can change it within specified period only. Please recheck terms and conditions of each type of ticket or booking class before you make confirmation on seat reservation. In this regards, each change of your traveling information may cause operational expense. You are required to pay for all the expense including oil tax and additional fuel fee of the airline.

6. Can I cancel the flight booking/seat reservation?

The flight booking can be done only in the case that we have not issued the e-ticket. The cardmember can notify the cancellation at KTC World Travel Service, Tel. 02 123 5050. In the case that the e-ticket was already issued, KTC reserves the right to cancel the transaction or return the ticket price in full amount according to specified conditions of that airline.

7. How do I know my flight booking was confirmed?

After the automatic payment was done and approved, the cardmember will receive an email informing on the confirmation of seat reservation, flight details, traveling date, and ticket price. Please recheck information box in email address given to the system by the cardmember. If the automatic payment was approved, you will receive 3 emails as follows; 1. Email on booking confirmation 2. Email on payment confirmation 3. Email on e-ticket details.

8. If the booking confirmation was completed, will the e-ticket be issued right away?

Due to at present the online flight booking/seat reservation needs an officer of the travel agent (World Explorer Company Limited) to check up all the information on the booking before issuing the ticket.

The ticket issuing will be done within 1 business day (everyday 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M.) after the booking was approved by successful automatic payment. If the online reservation was made outside business hours, the cardmember will receive the ticket on the following day.

For the promotional ticket of domestic route of Thai Airways and international route of some airlines, the airlines require us to issue the ticket right away, consequently for the cardmember who makes reservation and payment outside business hours, KTC reserves the right to cancel the ticket issuing and seat reservation that was already confirmed and paid. In this regards, an officer will contact you to notify on a new booking or money return details. To return the money into your credit card account, it will take 45 business days.

9. In the case that the airline increases oil tax rate and fuel fee after the cardmember has already made flight booking and the automatic payment was already approved with the previous rate, does the cardmember need to pay for the cost difference occurred?

The cardmember is required to pay for the increased oil tax and additional fuel fee according to the new rate announced. An officer will contact you to inform before issuing the ticket.

10.  What do I do for the payment with KTC credit card?

The cardmember may pay with VISA, MASTERCARD, and JCB that was applied and passed process of verification as the cardholder with security check of using credit card via internet system called 3D Secure (Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and J/Secure) 

11. Can I have other person pay for my flight booking with KTC credit card?

Other person can pay for you under approval of the cardholder. However, the traveler/passenger will not get the coverage from accident insurance from KTC credit card because he/she is not the cardholder.

12. In the case I want to change my Password or I forget my 3 D Secure Password, what do I do?

You can change your Password or ask for a new Password at
Or contact KTC Phone, Tel. 02 123 5000

13. How can I feel confident with the security when I make online payment with KTC credit card on the website?

There is a privacy policy in data protection of the KTC credit card while sending data via network and protection of other personal data of the cardmember. In this regards, every payment with KTC credit card via internet needs verification of the cardholder by technology to increase security called 3D Secures, or widely known as Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure Code and J/Secure which will make sure the payment with KTC credit card of the cardmember is safest.

14. If I do not travel or have not traveled, can I return the ticket or ask for refund of the ticket cost?

The refund of the ticket for money can be done according to policy and specified conditions by that airline. Most airlines will require you to pay for cancellation fee and will take process to return the money by 2-3 months.

15. If I have lost the e-ticket or erased it by accident, what do I do?

You can contact KTC World Travel Service, Tel 02 123 5050 for an office to resend the e-ticket to you.

16. If I do not have KTC credit card, can I make the payment?

Due to this service is provided as privilege for KTC credit cardmembers only, if you want to pay with any other credit card, please contact World Explorer Company Limited, Tel 02 631 3448.

17. How can I check if the flight ticket has been confirmed by the airline?

The cardmember can check the status of the flight ticket by themselves at the website which is the center website of leading airlines for flight ticket checking.

18. What do I do if I want to buy flight ticket together with travel insurance or make reservation for accommodation?

The cardmember can contact an officer at KTC World Travel Service, Tel 02 123 5050 (during business days and hours, everyday 8.00 A.M. – 8.P.M.)

19. Can I use KTC FOREVER points or enjoy installment payment right away?

At present, the transaction operation on this website serves only the automatic payment with KTC credit card in full amount and not for installment payment.

20. Who should I contact if I have trouble making transaction?

Please contact an office at KTC World Travel Service, Tel 02 123 5050 (Monday – Sunday 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M., everyday including public holiday)

21. What do I need to prepare for traveling day?

For passengers who travel on domestic flight, please prepare e-ticket, I.D. card, or passport to present at the check in counter of the airline.

For passengers who travel international flight, please prepare e-ticket, passport with more than 6 months to expiry date (if you use a new passport, please carry the old one along) with stamped visa of the destination country. Nowadays, countries with no need of visa are Japan, Cambodia, South Korea, Chili, Seychelles, Turkey, Brazil, Brunei, Bahrain, Peru, Philippines, Mongolia, Maldives, Macao, Malaysia, Russia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Argentina, Indonesia, Ecuador, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Due to different requirement and regulations to enter each country, we highly recommend you to study information given by the embassy of the destination country in advance so you will not be refused at the destination country airport to enter the country. For more information, please visit

22. How can I buy others travel product E.g. Hotels , Car Rental , Attractions or any promotion and who should I contact ?

Please contact an office at KTC World Travel Service Tel 02 123 - 5050 or Add LINE: @KTCWORLD (Monday – Sunday 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M.,everyday including public holiday)

23. How do I check-in online service?

When purchasing products at KTC WORDL, you can inform KTC WORLD staff to make an pre online check 24 - 48 hours before departure.

24. How do I indicate special request of any producs?

Please contact an office at KTC World Travel Service Tel 02 123 - 5050 or Add LINE: @KTCWORLD (Monday – Sunday 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M.,everyday including public holiday)

25. How can I book Air ticket more than 9 passengers ?

The cardmember can check by contact an office at KTC World Travel Service Tel 02 123 - 5050 or Add LINE: @KTCWORLD (Monday – Sunday 8.00 A.M. – 8.00 P.M.,everyday including public holiday)