Steps to make flight booking via website

1. Flight search box. Please fill in the flight search box with following information; route/destination, traveling date, number of passengers, booking class, and name of airline. Press ‘Search Flights’ button and the system will show the result on next screen page.


2. Page shows result to choose flight
The system shows information on airline, flight, and ticket fee according to route/destination, date and time you have searched, by putting the lowest price first (airport tax and fuel fee included). You can check select airline and flight as you wish then press button to make reservation. The system will lead you to another page to fill in passenger’s information.

If you want to search for new flight or new route/destination, you can choose from menu ‘SEARCH FLIGHT’ on the left.

Note: Airport tax and fuel fee appear under the ticket price. Please check for regulations (terms and conditions of the ticket) before making reservation.


3. Page to fill in with passenger’s information


The system will show information on the flight you have chosen. You have to fill in passenger’s information in detail, contact person, and important data for ticket issuing. You can check the ticket fee and click ‘ACCEPT FARE CONDITIONS’ before press the ‘Next’ button to enter the next step of payment with KTC credit card.
Note: the important information with * in red is the information you need to complete

4. Page to fill in details for Password 3D secure

After you have filled in your Password and Personal Message, the system will check. In the case that you do not have Password, you can apply for it and get more information on this link

5. Page to fill in detail information of KTC credit card

submit button

Fill in your credit card number, expiry date, name of card holder, and card verification number (CCV)
And press ‘SUMMIT’ button for automatic payment

6. Page summary of automatic payment


The system will show details, reference number of seat reservation, flight information, passenger information, and ticket fee. If you want to return to main item or want to do other item, please select menu above, click ‘ FIRST PAGE’.

7. After the automatic payment with KTC credit card was done/approved, you will receive the following email respectively right away;

  • An email on Booking Confirmation
  • An email on Payment Confirmation, and
  • An email on e-ticket Receipt and flight information
    All email will be sent within 24 hours for the complete item with automatic payment approval.

Note :

  • According to the rues of airline, to get one-way ticket of international airline the passengers are required to send a photocopy of the first page in passport showing their photograph to KTC World via Fax. Number 02 123 5567 for forwarding to the airline prior to the ticket issuing. KTC World reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the passengers do not send the photocopy of passport according to specified time.
  • A child passenger in the reservation of flight ticket must be not over 11 years old up until the traveling day. If a check-in officer of the airline inspects and finds that the age of the traveler is not consistent with the type of ticket, you are required to pay for the cost difference according to specified by the airline.
  • In the case that the cardmembers have repeated flight ticket reservation via various agents or repeated in the system and the airline has found repeating passenger names, all the reservation will be automatically cancelled by the airline even the ticket has been issued.
  • For the promotional ticket of domestic route of Thai Airways and international route of some airlines, the airlines require us to issue the ticket right away, consequently for the cardmember who makes reservation and payment outside business hours, KTC reserves the right to cancel the ticket issuing and seat reservation that was already confirmed and paid. In this regards, an officer will contact you to notify on a new booking or money return details. To return the money into your credit card account, it will take 45 business days.
  • Some type of flight tickets is promotional price with condition that you have to make reservation for hotel room as a package. An officer will contact you to inform on detail of room rate prior to issuing the ticket. In this regards, if you want to make reservation for flight ticket only, the airline reserves the right to change the ticket fee rate as see appropriate.
  • In the case that the ticket ‘to’ and the ticket ‘return’ have different conditions, KTC reserves the right to follow the conditions of the ticket with lower price.
  • In the case there is any malfunction in your online transaction that caused you to not receive the email on Booking Confirmation, please contact KTC World Travel Service, Tel. 02 123 5050
  • This online flight booking service is provided as privilege for KTC credit cardmembers only, if you want to pay with any other credit card, please contact World Explorer Company Limited, the direct service provider, Tel. 02 631 3448.
  • For your convenience, please carefully read agreement/terms and conditions to use, and notes appearing on this website.