What is the maximum credit limit for KTC PROUD card ?

KTC will approve 5 times of your monthly income as your maximum credit limit (10,000 Baht minimum and 3,000,000 Baht maximum).

What is the difference between KTC PROUD and KTC CASH ?

To serve applicants’ needs, there are two types of KTC personal loans. First is the KTC PROUD -- a revolving credit in case of your emergency or special occasions. After getting approved, the first portion of the loan will be transferred directly into your choice of bank account. You will also receive a card for withdrawing cash from the remaining loan portion at any ATM. A transaction fee and interest rate would be levied on all such withdrawals. As soon as the cardholder makes payment against the outstanding, the line of credit will be resumed and ready for next withdrawals. On the other hand, KTC CASH -- the second type of KTC personal loans, will transfer a cash lump sum into your preferred bank account. After receiving approval within 2 business days, you could fulfill your purpose. For KTC CASH, no KTC card will be issued for cash withdrawal in case of emergency, and revolving credit will no longer be applied after each outstanding payment.

What are available channels for paying KTC PROUD card outstanding bill ?

How long will it take to receive a notification of loan approval after applying for a KTC PROUD ?

Normally it will take about 5 business days for KTC approval if the customer’s supporting documents meet KTC requirements.

How could I know if my KTC PROUD card application get approved ?

Initially KTC will notify the customer both approved. And not approved by SMS.

How soon will I receive a cash withdrawal card after getting the KTC PROUD application approved ?

Your first loan portion will be transferred into your preferred bank account within 1 business days after the loan approval. For KTC PROUD card delivery, please allow us 7 business days (or approximately one week) for residents in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, and 15 business days (or approximately 2-3 weeks) for those in other provincial areas. If encountering no sign of prompt delivery, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000.

Are there any installment payment options for KTC PROUD ?

Unlike KTC CASH, KTC PROUD does not offer any installment payment option. In another word, members must pay back the withdrawal amount in full, or the higher amount between the minimum 3% payment of the outstanding balance and 300 Baht.

For the first loan portion transferred directly into your bank account, you have 3 payment options: minimum 3% payment of the outstanding balance, 300 Baht, or paying back the withdrawal amount in full.

Would it be possible to get an explanation for the case of KTC PROUD application disapproval ?

After thoroughly checking the applicant’s supporting documents along with their crucial information, the disapproval is usually on the basis that the qualifications do not meet the company requirements.

Are foreigners residing in Thailand eligible for KTC PROUD application ?

Unfortunately, KTC has no policy to provide KTC PROUD to foreigners.

May you explain the criteria used for considering KTC PROUD approval ?

KTC and credit analysis will use the applicant’s information and supporting documents as the consideration basis.

About the installment payment, is it possible to pay more than the minimum ?

You absolutely can do that, and can also pay in full.

Is there any expiration date for KTC PROUD card ?

KTC PROUD cards will have a five years expiration period from the issued date. KTC will solely be in charge of card renewal. In case of getting approval, your new card will be mailed to your mailing address stated in your statement, 1-2 months prior to your card’s expiration date.

When receiving the new card, please be advised to cut up your old card into 2 pieces to prevent confusion, and identity fraud. For card cancellation, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000.

What should a member do if he/she wants to pay off all the remaining balance ?

The total account balance specified in the statement is calculated till the closing balance date. If a member wishes to pay off the remaining balance in full, please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 or visit any KTC TOUCH and inquire about your total remaining amount.