What is Secured e-pay?

Secured e-pay is an additional security service for KTC cardholders when shopping or payment online. The service was developed to meet the “3-D Secure” standard of Visa’s Verified by Visa, MasterCard’s MasterCard SecureCode and JCB’s J/Secure. Its security mechanism includes verifications of your personal password and personal assurance message in online payment process. The main advantage for cardholders is that there is a decreased risk of other people being able to use their payment cards fraudulently on the Internet. The service is also transmitted using SSL 128-bit standard.

What is One Time Password?

One Time Password or OTP is used to increase the level of security for your online transactions. OTP is a unique password that will be use for every online transaction and cannot be re-used. OTP is valid for 3 minutes and if you have requested a new OTP, the previous OTP will be expired. OTP will only send to your mobile phone number that registered with KTC.

What are benefits from using OTP?

  • Increase the level of security when performing online transaction.
  • Ease to use because you don’t have to remember the password.
  • Don’t have to worry whether someone else will know your password.
  • Protect yourself from computer viruses or malwares such as Packet Sniffer.

How do I know that my mobile phone is updated and how to update it?

Please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 (24 hours).

How to use OTP for online transaction?

Once you’ve received OTP via SMS (OTP is a 6 digits numeric) please enter received OTP in to the provided dialog box on the screen. You can ensure whether you’ve input the correct OTP or not by compare the Reference Code on the screen and on your received SMS.

How can I receive OTP while travelling abroad?

While travelling abroad you can receive OTP via SMS by inform your mobile operator to use roaming service.

What is Personal Message?

Personal Message is a short message which cardholder assigned to the service. Cardholder should carefully select your personal message which is your top secret, easy to remember and able to identify yourself. Personal Message will appear each time you perform online transaction to confirm that you are correctly connected to KTC website. This is to prevent phishing.

What are benefits from using Secured e-pay?

  • Add a free-of-charge assurance by authenticating you while using your credit card, OTP and Personal Message to make payments online in a 3-D Secure shop.
  • Decrease risk of other people being able to use their payment cards fraudulently on the Internet.
  • Personal Message will be prompted only at 3-D registered online shop to ensure that payment using your credit card is safe.
  • Enrollment can be both in Thai or English version at KTC website or while you are shopping in a 3-D registered online shop.

Which card types are included in the Secured e-pay service?

All types of KTC credit cards are applicable, except KTC PROUD cash card.

Where can I enroll to the Secured e-pay service?

Yes, supplementary credit cards can be enrolled by using the same information of primary cardholder.

  • At KTC website www.ktc.co.th then select Secured e-pay menu
  • During shopping online at 3-D registered online shop

How can I enroll to the Secured e-pay service?

Step 1 Type in your KTC credit card number

Step 2 Fill in necessary information regarding to credit card

Step 3 Accept terms and conditions of Secured e-pay service

Step 4 Assign your Personal Message of Verified by VISA, MasterCard SecureCode, and J/Secure. Enter your mobile phone number registered with KTC to receive OTP-SMS.

Step 5 Enter received OTP-SMS password to validate your registration

Step 6 Finished!

Once I enrolled, how long does it take to become active for my card?

The functionality of Secured e-pay service is made available immediately as soon as your enrollment is successful.

Do I have to enroll for all my credit cards separately?

Enrollment needs to be done for all cards individually. You may choose to have the same or different Personal Messages for all your cards as per your convenience.

Can supplementary credit cards be enrolled to the Secured e-pay service, or not?

Yes, supplementary credit cards can be enrolled by using the same method as primary cards.

If I lost my card, do I need to re-enroll to the service?

Yes. With new card information, you need to re-enroll your new card separately.

I have just received a renewed card, do I have to re-enroll?

No, except your credit card number differs from your previous card.

Which information require for enrollment?

During enrollment, you require to enter your personal or your credit card information to verify ownership of your credit card.

Do I need to enroll each time I perform an online payment?

No, registration is a one-time activity for each credit card. Once a card is enrolled, for all subsequent transactions in 3-D online shop only the password is required to authenticate the transactions.

Can I make an online payment without enrolling to the Secured e-pay?

No, it is mandatory to enroll for the Secured e-pay service before proceeding with any online transaction. You can directly enroll from a 3-D Secure merchant website while conducting a transaction online or through KTC website at www.ktc.co.th

What should I do if enrollment to the Secured e-pay was failed?

Please contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 for assistance.

How can I change my Personal Message?

In this case, you should cancel the transaction.

You can change your Personal Message on KTC website by select Secured e-pay icon to go to the Change Personal Message menu.

If Personal Message displaying on screen is not correct, what should I do?

How would I know if the merchant is 3-D compliant or not?

In this case, you should cancel the transaction.

Though I have already enrolled to the Secured e-pay service, what should I do if I’m doing an online transaction and there is no password prompt from the shop?

This is subject to your consideration to complete the transaction on a non 3-D compliant shop.