What is the maximum credit limit for KTC CASH?

KTC will approve 5 times of your monthly income as your maximum credit limit. However, for education loan, KTC will approve up to 4 times of your monthly income.

If a member has already had KTC credit cards or used other KTC financial services, would he/she be qualified for applying for KTC CASH Loan?

You could apply for a KTC CASH at any KTC TOUCH or with any sale representative.

How soon will KTC transfer the requested loan into my preferred bank account after getting loan approval?

Your first loan will be transferred into your preferred bank account within 1 business day after the loan approval. (KTC will mail a letter notifying you regarding its approval or disapproval decision, to your mailing address stated in the application form.)

What is your installment payment period?

For our member's convenience, KTC offers installment payment period starting from 12 to 60 months, depending on the line of credit.

Line of Credit (baht) Installment Period (months)
15,000 – 30,000 12 - 36
30,001 – 100,000 12 - 48
100,001 and above 12 - 60

In case of paying off all the remaining balance and closing the account before end of contract term, would I be responsible for any fine?

KTC has no fine policy for closing the account before end of contract term. However, all your remaining balance must be paid at any (KTC TOUCH) only.

Is it possible to change the payment due date?

Unfortunately, the payment due date could not be changed due to the legal agreement in the contract. Our best advice is to choose the date that is most suitable, convenient, and applicable for your payment. For direct withdrawal from the salary account, on the contrary, the company will determine the due date in the beginning.

About the installment payment, is it possible to pay more than the minimum amount specified in the statement?

You absolutely can do that. Since using effective interest rate calculation, the more additional money you put into your monthly installment payment, the lower the balance would be, and the sooner you could fulfill the contract.

In case of not receiving or missing a loan statement, what should I do?

You could contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 inquiring about your payment history, due amount, and requesting a Loan Statement Request Form to pay your balance at any Krungthai Bank.

When a applicant fills out the application with his/her signature to authorize KTC for an automatic withdrawal, how could he/she know if the company compiles with his/her instruction? And, could the automatic withdrawal start at the first installment payment?

For your instruction compilation, in your monthly statement, if you notice the account number for your automatic payment withdrawal shown in the block “The company will automatically withdraw the money from the account number....,” it means that the company has already followed your instruction. Otherwise, please continue to pay your installment at our available payment channels. The company will take care of this issue as fast as we could, and please accept our apology.

What are available payment channels?

Is it possible to apply for the second loan?

You can certainly apply for the second loan as soon as you fulfill the first contract and close your loan account. You simply fill out the application form, and attach all required documents for smooth reviewing process. If your installment payment period still remains, or your current loan account is still active, you are not eligible for the second loan application.

Are those who receive their salary payment in cash eligible for application?

Sorry that you are not eligible for the application.

Is it necessary that the bank book used for KTC CASH must be the same one for salary account?

For employees with regular salary, it is better that you use your salary account or/and other saving account in addition. For business owners/ entrepreneurs, the account with your business cash flow under the borrower’s name, according to the company requirement, is preferred for KTC CASH application.

In case of receiving disapproval, how could I get all my documents submitted for the application back?

The company reserves the right to hold all the documents submitted to the company for the application.