What is information needed to proceed registration?

To register KTC Online, user need to have citizen ID / passport number and mobile phone number.

What is the registration process of KTC Online?

User can register KTC Online by click here then go to click “Register” and fill in required information then click “Submit” to enter OTP verification page. System will send out OTP to mobile number registered with KTC. Enter OTP to verify then system will send out an Email Activation to your registered Email. In Email Activation, please click URL to confim registration. After all above process, user can immediately access KTC Online “My Account” using registered Username and Password.

Is it possible to use KTC Online after completed registration?

User can immediately log in.

Is it possible to register KTC Online with repetitive Email?

No, the system limits 1 user per 1 Email.

What should be done when internet connection loss during KTC Online registration process?

In case of registration unsuccessful due to internet connection loss or device mulfunction, close and restart browser then proceed registration again.

Is it possible to change Email registered with KTC Online?

Yes, simply contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 (24 hrs.).

How to deactivate the registered Email with KTC Online?

Simply contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000 (24 hrs.).