What is "Outstanding Points" menu?

"Outstanding Points" is self-service function that provides information about Rewards Points via KTC Credit Card.

How to see information about Rewards Points?/ How to see Outstanding Points?

Simply go to "My Account" and select submenu "Outstanding Points" then select information of each KTC card.

Is it possible to see updated Rewards point right after making purchase?

No, Rewards Points will be updated in system within 24 hrs.

What Type of Points information user can see?

Simply go to "My Account" and select submenu "Outstanding Points" to see "Rewards Points” and "Unpost Points Transaction" in current cycle.

If more information needed, what should be done?

Simply contact KTC PHONE 02 123 5000

What is Rewards Points program?

Rewards Points program is point collection from the use of KTC Credit Card. Points can be redeemed for product and service right at participated shops.

How many type of Rewards Points?

There are 2 types of Rewards Points as follows:

1). Standard Point: Rewards points earned from any purchase via KTC Credit Card. Every purchase of 25 baht get 1 Rewards Points. Point has no expiry date.
2). Promotion Point: Rewards point earned from any purchase via KTC Credit Card during particular promotion campaign. Expiry date will be applied according to promotion terms and conditions.

Which type of Rewards Points will be deducted first when redeem for products and service between Standard Point and Promotion Point?

When points are redeemed, system will deduct points with expiry date as priority.